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About ACG British Columbia

ACG British Columbia was established in 1996 and is a local community for deal making and corporate growth. Our Purpose is to help middle market businesses prosper. 

ACG BC has over 200 members and brings together every segment of the growth community. Private equity professionals, investment bankers & intermediaries, attorneys, auditors & accountants, lenders, corporate development officers and others focused on the middle-market make ACG BC a "one stop shop" for opportunities, capital and services.

We are constantly striving towards our Goal of increased engagement of all ACG BC stakeholders by focusing on:

- Facilitating relationships that are valuable in sourcing and successfully completing transactions

- Educating deal makers on current trends and best practices

- Promoting awareness of our vibrant deal making community

As we engage to achieve our goals we pride ourselves by keeping our core Values in mind:

- Inclusivity: being approachable and accessible

- Diversity: diverse across professional fields, gender, age and ethnicity

- Sustainability: appropriate financial profitability, sustainable board and membership base

- Networking: driving value through expertise and knowledge

About ACG Global

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